Term One Brief

In the Idea Development Lab's first term, participants familiarize themselves with the interconnected processes of research and ideation. Before beginning work on writing plays, participants are introduced to research practices and modes of critical thinking from various academic fields, which serve as valuable tools in creating for the stage. We begin by asking our participants: … Continue reading Term One Brief

Following the Lab: Day 1

15th May, 2019Day 1 Activities: We began the day with a series of writing exercises. First, we were told to write for a period of five minutes and to begin each new sentence with the words “I remember.” We discussed the different memories each of us remembered and reflected on the act of looking back. … Continue reading Following the Lab: Day 1

Day 3

17th May 2019 Activities: We began our session with a conversation about the intersection of art and academia. Since all our projects engage with social, cultural, political, and economic matters, we discussed the need to inform our projects with research.We discussed Carver’s story, “The Bath,” again, and tried to pin down its premise, which is … Continue reading Day 3

Day 6

21st May 2019 Activities: We began the day with an exercise on the different steps involved in the research process, which we noted to be: identification of a problem, developing a testable theory (hypothesis) from observations, charting the implications of this theory, testing this hypothesis, and, finally, rejecting/refining hypotheses. We discussed each step and the … Continue reading Day 6

Day 7

22nd May 2019 Activities: Today, we were joined by Sundar Sarukkai, a renowned professor of philosophy. He delivered a guest lecture that pushed the lab to think deeply about the big picture conflicts—or problems—that our projects are grappling with. He introduced the idea that, rather than pouring through long academic texts on moral and ethical … Continue reading Day 7

Day 9

24th May 2019 Activities: We began the day with a presentation on oral histories. Chanakya spoke to us about different playwrights, writers, and academics that employed oral histories in their work. We watched part of an interview with Urvashi Butalia, a writer who collected oral histories about the partition, where she discussed her motivations and … Continue reading Day 9